Monday, January 18, 2021

Feminine Differential - Side Zip Jeans


I wish we had more opportunities to dress up. I miss my Business Guild meetings, Second Sunday Meet-up and Thursday night at the Colony, Palm Beach.  I still subscribe to the "better safe and sorry" program. 

I am in a clinical trial for a Covid vaccine, but not sure if I got the real deal or placebo.  Once my vaccine gets emergency use authorization I will be told and if I received the placebo will be offered the live vaccinate. I am thinking this is about 30-45 days out.  Until then I am continuing a cautious protocol; being safe.

As they may be, my few daily outing involve jeans, t-shirts and sneakers; a simple androgynous look. 

I love the fit of side zip pants/jeans.  The flat front and typical fitted rear send just the right amount of Feminine Differential feel/look. The above jeans are "LEE Women's Relaxed-Fit Side Elastic Tapered-Leg Jean" from Amazon.  Lee makes a great feminine cut jean that I wear often. 

The white t-shirt is Boston Proper's "V-NECK CASUAL TEE". A wardrobe stable that can be found most anywhere. The other items above you have seen before in various post.  

What ever you do, be safe.  Let's not risk a dangerous outing. We know that in just a few months the vaccines will be widely available.  



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