Monday, April 4, 2022

Day of Visibility (extended)


Lunch at the mall.

I had to work on Thursday's "Day of Visibility". So, does working at an intimates store (Soma) count as visibility?  To make up, Saturday I had the day off and did several "Escape" errands. My first stop was a hair trim, then Macy's to return two pairs of jeans. At Macy's, I picked up a shirt to wear over t-shirts because my store with its extreme airflow feels cool after a few hours. The next stop was to Sama to check on my next week's schedule (2 partial days). Then off to lunch.  

Saturday was one of those wonderful weather days we wish for in August. It was cool enough with a light breeze to sit outside at my mall's Brio Restaurant; excellent service and food. (Photo above) 

The highlight of the day was a stop at Compass, Palm Beach's LGBTQ center. The center had put off its "Day of Visibility" celebration to have maximum attendance at a vendor / job / community services Expo on Saturday. It was very well attended with Macy's having a full room of clothing, makeup (makeovers), and lingerie. Wow, would something like that have been a god-send many years ago!

My doctor, who specializes in transgender care, was there and we had a long casual conversation.  She is a valuable resource and does virtual consultations for out-of-town patients.  

Compass' executive director was also there, someone I have known for many years. We discussed how I may be able to help with some of the older, just "coming out", in our community. Compass' full time transgender coordinator and I committed to discussing it further. 

An interesting observation was that many there presented on the "Q" side of our community. I love their fearless self-expression with pink hair and a totally androgynous look. Thinking back 50 years, what would I have looked like had the same resources been available as they are today?  Oh well - I am happy the way my life worked out. 

Tell us what you did on your "Day of Visibility"?


  1. Rhonda -

    I have similar feelings. And if I knew at 18 what I know today, I would have tried to go on hormone blockers to keep a tolerably androgynous body, so that I could look much better when out as a female.


    1. Like the time-machine conundrum - altering the past will have profound effects on the future.

  2. I do get a bit envious reading how you so easily blend into the feminine world and wish I was aware of the organizations in my area that support our community...And yes I also do often think WHAT IF I had known then what I'm aware of now

  3. I guess mine is being president of my condo's hoa. I'm out there every day.

    1. Hi Stephanie, nice to hear from you - Now that is visibility!