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How to Wear Jeans Like a French Girl

I make no secret about my obsession with the practically and great look of the right feminine jeans. My motto - "I am not wearing my  fathers Wranglers." They are my every day look even when at my retail job, market or Home Depot. 

Jeans with the right feminine top - a winner. 

I have several of the old style (made in USA) "Not-Your-Daughters-Jeans" (NYDJ) and back then the the style and cut was fantastic. They fit tight in all the right places and have a wonderful high rise to help with the tummy. I wish the new NYDJ versions were of similar style and quality.     

Here are some great suggestion from MY CHIC OBSESSION on "How to Wear Jeans Like a French Girl".  On the blog post there are some great inspiring photos. Enjoy.


Carolyn Arentson - December 30, 2019

And now, finally, onto the outfit ideas! Here are the top 3 ways that French girls are always wearing their jeans!

1. jeans + blouse

Whether it’s a statement blouse or just a good ol’ pretty top, this outfit combo is one you can always fall back on. Not much is needed for accessories, besides your classic handbag and maybe some gold jewelry.

2. jeans + button-down

It’s classic and sophisticated. Casual Friday, anyone? Dress this look up or down! If you’re headed to work you could pair this outfit with ankle boots and if you’re going about your day you could pair it with sneakers or flats!

3. jeans + blazer

The look of an oversized blazer with jeans is a French girl go-to, so definitely tuck this outfit idea away for the days when you have no idea what to wear!

4 French Outfit Combos for Fall That Are Impossibly Chic

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  1. OOOH, LaLa! I just love those 'flare leg' jeans' she is wearing.