Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Graduation Address

Rhonda's Virginia Commonwealth University Presentation

February 2020 (pre-covid) I was invited to speak at my alma-mater's annual "Culture and Identity Reception". The reception's purpose is to recognize women's achievements in engineering. That day it was my honor to speak before a good size group.   

The group included the Engineering School's Dean, a good collection of professors and students. I was so pleased that there was a good representation of LGBTQ students in attendance.       

Just a few days ago, I receive an invitation to be the keynote speaker at VCU's 2022 Lavender Graduation. The Lavender Celebration is a ceremony that celebrates the achievement of LGBTQIA+ undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral candidates.  

I will be in Richmond, Virginia on Friday evening (5:00 pm), April 29 for the evening program.  If there are any blog reader that would like to attend I am sure that I can get invitations.  

Coming up in September I am being honored again as one of the this year's recipients of the "2022 VCU Alumni Star Award". I am hoping this will be another opportunity to further visibility / acceptance of those of us that are transgender.  More on this later.