Thursday, April 21, 2022

It is Not To Late - But First You Have To Get Mad

I am sure that my political views have angered some on the right and uncomfortably forced others to think. 

When I post on shoes, panties, or bras my views go through the roof; 1,000s per day. I post about the Republican right-wing zealots taking away transgender children's ability to seek counseling or Republican Governors silencing school counselors / teachers from discussing the subject "gay/gender", 139 views.      

Blacks became advocates. The Dixiecrats (now Republicans) lost the fight to keep blacks in the back-of-the-bus. Gays become advocates. The Republicans lost the fight to send gays back-to-the-closet (circa Anita Bryant). Drag queens became advocates and staged a six day riot / protest against police harassment. (Fifty years later, Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill admits the police department enforced discriminatory laws. 

Now they have come for us. New target, same hate - Bully the transgenders. This one we can win. 

Do you see a pattern here.  We must became advocates.

The Republicans are now empowered by diluting your voting rights through redistricting, intimidation (threats of insurrection, voting police), and outright lies. Legislation has been blocked that would have protected voting rights.

There is such weakness in the current Democratic President and Vice-president that the Republicans (a minority party) will likely take control of all three branches of the government by 2024. Is it a democracy if a single party/ideology controls everything governmental?

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica:

There have been three [modern] historical forms of the single-party system: communist, fascist, and that found in less-developed countries [dictatorships]. 

This will happen so fast few will realize the long-term consequences. The far-right will be happy that their “hot buttons” issues are all taken care of; abortion outlawed, transgenders become invisible, repeal of the Civil Rights Act, delegitimize gay marriage. Most will not realize they have given up "The American Republic*" in the process. Much like the frog in the cooking pot by the time most understand what is happening – too late.

Read what a retired journalist and former Republican state legislator has to say: "Power-hungry party has lost its way".

There is an ever-so-faint cry from the outreaches; "Re-elect no one", "term-limits". Although, this solution may be too late when elections are challenged or not accepted as real. 

In 2010 Florida passed (state-wide referendum) "Constitutional Amendment 6". It mandated that redistricting had to be along "feasible" and use "city, county and geographical boundaries". The Florida state legislature (republican majority) just completely ignored the amendment. The Republican majority State Supreme Court as well the Florida's Republican State Attorney General are ignoring the amendment. Sadly, this may be the future of the US Constitution.    See also - "Ron DeSantis is drawing Democrats out of the equation in Florida"

Do you care? Are you going quietly into the proverbial sunset, vicariously living your life through other bloggers' escapes, or are you going to live a real-life with no hiding / regrets?  A life where you are an advocate and speak truth to power. Our human rights are at stake!  All human rights are at stake! And, maybe save the republic in the process.  It is not to late.  

Are you at least, MAD? 

*“Well, Doctor [Franklin] what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”

  “A Republic, if you can keep it.” 1787


  1. R -

    You are right. So many people can't bother to see the writing on the wall. And that's a big problem. I try to warn people about what's happening, but they are too tired after 4 years of Trump's treachery to bother much. They don't worry about the attack on the structure of our republic being destroyed.


  2. no longer a democracy if 1 party controls everything governmental?? ISN'T THAT WHAT WE HAVE NOW?

    1. In Florida yes. At the national level there ares still some checks/balances. Maybe a stalemate when nothing gets done.

    "As long as MY SIDE IS WINNING- we are blessed by GAWD.*
    By the way, the rest of you heathens (heatherns in the deep south) dont
    count. You are merely a source of cheap labor.
    The current parade of RIGHT WING PSEUDO-CHRISTIANS (LIKE F. GRAHAM) ARE JUST IN THIS FRAY FOR THE POWER AND CONTROL OF THE REPUBLIC. Their main goal is to turn this country into a 'Christian Republic'- without acting overtly 'Christian'.
    Herr Graham actually has delusions that RUSSIA is an 'Autocratic Christian Republic'-- which is why he was soliciting prayers for '(RAS)PUTIN the DEVIL.
    These people have most certainly 'KILLED THE JESUS/CHRISTIAN/GAWD brand by being their own hypocrites to their very own 'brand'.
    Most outsiders are so poorly educated in what 'the Christian ethos' truly stands for they have no clue to how they have been duped.
    The current slates of Republican leaders have clearly 'shown their hands' by spreading lies in the name of that same 'GAWD'*.
    A great many of the Republican middle class will realize all too late that they have been duped when 'their' government wants their guns (and ammo!), as 'their republic' supposedly no longer has 'any threats'.
    At the ripe old age of 68, I too, wonder just how things are going to turn out.
    Stay tuned.

    *GAWD is a registered trademark of the Religious Wrong.