Thursday, June 16, 2022

A Bully At Work

A Presidential Preview - DeSantis (Part 2)

Published in the Naples Daily News

Written by Chris Persaud, Palm Beach Post June 10, 2022

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis
Florida’s coronavirus death toll rose faster in the past week than any other state... 

Federal data shows the state added 262 victims since the state Health Department’s last COVID-19 report published June 3. That’s the highest seven-day increase since mid-April, but lower than most weeks. Immunity from vaccinations and prior infections, along with new antiviral treatments, have helped stop severe illness.

Still, that’s more new victims counted in Florida than California (173) and New York (174), which posted the second- and third-most new deaths, the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention said.

So what did The Florida's Governor do this week?

"Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis reaches disgraceful new low in bullying Special Olympics" to the tune of a 27.5 million dollar fine for requiring vaccinations for participants.  

As reported by ABC News' Jay O'Brien, the Florida Department of Health sent a letter to Special Olympics International this week informing the organization that it would slap them with a fine of $27.5 million for violating Florida's rules against requiring vaccinations against COVID-19.

The Special Olympics International in a statement June 5, backed down. In response, the Special Olympics decided to rescind its requirements and told the state, "We don't want to fight, we want to play."

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis took credit for pushing the Special Olympics to back off during a Friday press briefing, notes O'Brien.

The vast majority of medical professionals and organizations, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the FDA, Johns Hopkins Medicine and Mayo Clinic, advise the public to get the vaccine both to protect against the virus and to lessen serious symptoms of the virus.

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