Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Summer 2022 - The Official Fashion Look

It must be summer when a girl's heart turns to Lilly.  This past Sunday I was in Palm Beach and found that I had caught the tale-end of the Pink Retreat 2022. There were over 450 Lilly lovers in for the weekend. The street was awash in pink and green. The Worth Avenue Lilly store was full of the shoppers and there was three adorable little girls, all under 10, wearing Lilly sundresses.  Mom was matching of course.

I purchased the above "Nevie Off-The-Shoulder Top" from the official "Lilly Retreat" store and felt I was doing my homage to the Lilly cult. Yes, in Palm Beach, you see Lilly every day and not just on the first days of summer. 

The Lilly Scallop shorts I purchased many years ago and the Lilly gold wedges were purchase, off season, from a discount site last fall. I love the heels-with-shorts look. 

I guess on a cruise or anywhere in around Palm Beach, Lilly is the outfit of choice.  Lilly is the official outfit of summer.  

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