Thursday, June 23, 2022

Feminine Differential - Make-Overs


Irina, 51 Years Old, Painter

Some before/after photos are remarkable. I found this one on Pinterest and it highlight the difference a stylist and wardrobe consultant can make. This one originates from Boredpanda. Many of us have the typical male "do-it-your-self" attitude, however sometimes a professional makeup consultation and wardrobe consultant can make a world of difference.  Many store provides their services for free.  A great "escape" adventure.    


30 Incredible Transformations That Show How Ordinary People Can Dramatically Improve Their Looks (New Pics)

BY Rokas Laurinavičius and Greta Jaruševičiūtė

Konstantin Bogomolov is a very brave stylist — he agrees to completely transform people's looks. It doesn't matter if a young man or an elderly woman comes to him, if they want changes, he and his team are ready to deliver them.

Bogomolov's website says he started "developing a new direction of image design" in the '90s. "Immediately it aroused great interest, both in society and the media. The time and authority that Konstantin gained in this field have confirmed the practicability and relevance of the chosen direction." His professional experience includes writing articles and handling photo stories for fashion magazines, producing TV programs about style and fashion, working as an image consultant in beauty salons, cooperating with model agencies, preparing fashion shows, and of course, developing style for individual clients.

Konstantin calls himself the number one stylist in Latvia. Is he really? Take a look at his clientele before and after their makeovers and you tell us!

Check out all the amazing transformation photos at Boredpanda. 

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