Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Feminine Differential - Putting An Outfit Together


Men seldom, if ever, think about pulling an outfit together. Maybe about 10 minutes before going out as they stare at one pair of khaki pants and decide on a white or black polo shirt. Choosing shoes easy - The only pair of dress shoes you own are brown loafers. Good to go!

By contrast we agonize to make sure the shoes match the bottoms, and the top works with the skirt/pants. I have been know to try four or five outfits just to find the one that I feel good wearing that night. Sometimes involving a change of lingerie knowing a black bra will not work with a sheer white top.  Is there a VPLMust change panties too. Also, I never know how an outfits will look until I have on the shoes; my routine.

Being a woman is not easy, especially when choosing an outfit. 

I get e-mails from Pinterest, sometimes several a day and will usually go to their "Pins you might like" tag. Wow, does their algorism have me identified perfectly -  Scary. The above photo was today's recommendations. It made me think of the tan cargo pants I have from Venus and the white sleeveless light sweater I got from Amazon - "SheIn Women's Mock Neck Short Cap Sleeve Sweater Vest Casual Solid Pullover Top". Oh no, what shoes to choose? Maybe the Nine West - Ezra Pointy Toe Pumps.

This is a real put-together-look. 

In my world of ESCAPES , this is one of the fun parts of the Feminine Differential. "I Enjoy Being a Girl."  I think that is a song.  




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  1. I Enjoy Being a Girl is a song from the Musical Flower Drum Song. Video from the movie is available on You Tube.