Monday, September 5, 2022

Feminine Differential - Matching Lingerie

Perfect Coverage Bra
Signature Lace Hipster Panty

A Labor (Day) of Love...  

Since working at my Mall's lingerie store, I am assaulted every time I go into work with some of the most beautiful items of feminine finery one could imagine.   

This is my Labor Day post, however, my time spent is truly fun.  Do not get me wrong, the work can be hard and sometimes does involve labor, like being on your feet for 5 to 6 hours.  

I only work a day or two a week and I am on-call if someone cannot make their shift. My one-year work anniversary is coming up in October. A few weeks ago I was ask and give the commitment to work this holiday selling season. The very real labor shortage in America continues.  

My store has a new young manager (everyone is younger than I am), but she has extensive experience with the company and it's procedures. She is fun! The entire store seems happier under her leadership. 

I have been moved from just "cash-wrap" (register sales), to working at front of the store. There I greet and do direct customer support. The person that says when she enters "how can I help you find the perfect fitting bar today".  I love this and do enjoy customer interactions.

So sorry I digressed. What male ever considers matching his underthings? Well typically there is only one item, so a moot point on the feminine differential scale. However for females, a beautiful feminine differential emerges.   

Just last week "associates" were given pre-sale opportunities to buy, at an even better discount than normal.  Crying out to me, "buy me", was the above marching bra and panty set.  Seasonal fall colors and just adorable.  I could not resist.  


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