Friday, September 9, 2022

View From The Balcony - Some Cruise Ship Observations

 Celebrity Equinox  

With the Ship's Captain 

This photo was taken immediately after the "Officiers' Soiree'" on Friday evening. All of the officers, in their best uniforms, were introduced on the grand balcony that evening.  I manage to get a coveted picture with the Captain just as the event was ending. Every morning he provided a daily briefing on ports, activities and ship's direction / speed and, expected weather.  All I can say is that ran an organized ship. Our weather was perfect and everything about the ship was perfect. From the meals, entertainment, and activities.  I will say it was one of the "Best Escapes Ever"!

The entertainment is amazing.  From theater events that rival Broadway Productions with massive props, dancers and singers, a Vegas-style singer, to a modern piano concert.  Something different every night that you would match up with your dining schedule. 

Officiers' Soiree'

Also, starting at about 6 pm there were mini-concerts and dancing in many venues all over the ship. Rock and dance concerts, in the grand foyer. Chamber music in a secluded quiet bar.  Late-night dance concerts from Latin to rock that would last until midnight. Everything you would want to keep you entertained.  All at no additional charge. 

The food is outstanding! The ever-present "Ocean View Cafe" on the top deck served buffet food starting at 7:00 am to 11 pm every day.  The breakfast menu offered eggs and omelets cooked while you watched, along with fresh fruit, smoked salmon, and everything in between. After a late show, there was hot pizza, soda, and ice cream with all the fixings.  

My dinner schedule was in the main dining room with  different specialty menu items every evening. I never felt the need to pay extra and go to any of the speciality restaurants. 

The menu ranged from lobster to prime rib. If you wanted two shrimp cocktails, that was fine or even another lobster tail. The portions were always just right. Every table had a wine sommelier with always the right suggestion for your food selection. You were never rushed and could enjoy dinner as long as you would like. 

Evening Entertainment in the Theater

What else is there to do in the evening: Shopping / browsing in many high-end boutiques, audience game activities, group gatherings around specialty bars (more on that later) or just watching the sunset on the quiet top deck with the wind blowing through your hair.      

If we did not have a port-of-call for a day (2 sea days) there was the ever-present pool deck. I must brag that it has one of the best hamburger bars ever. It is located on the pool deck and you could order your grilled hamburger to taste with all the fixings. It tasted so good as you sat on your pool side lounge chair, enjoying the sea breeze; watching to ocean go by. 
Several of the flash mod's inductees
with the choreographer

Friday we were all entertainer on the pool-deck by an impromptu "Flash Mob" dance. it was well choreographed with volunteers and anyone and everyone were free to join in.  What a fun noon-time delight.

I am sure you wonder - how is the LGBTQ community treated?  Stay tuned for more to come... 




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  1. So much fun!..love reading about your trip and your pics.