Monday, September 19, 2022

Now Christians Are Targeting Women Who Wear Pants

This preacher exhorts men to toss their wives' pants in a fire because that's crossdressing

By Bil Browning August 24, 2022

Christian hate-preacher Duncan Urbanek condemns all pants-wearing women:

If you're a woman, and you own any pants, throw them away. Light them on fire. If you're a man, and your wife has pants, throw them away. And if she yells at you, so be it."

Marlene Dietrich disembarking from the SS Europa
in 1933 wearing a suit.
The French police had threatened
 to arrest her if she wore menswear in Paris
*The religious right has celebrated the overturn of Roe v. Wade, but their obsession with controlling women’s bodies knows no satisfaction.

Now a far-right preacher known for his vile rants about the LGBTQ community is calling for men to burn their wives’ pants because, he says, it’s just a form of crossdressing.

Brother Duncan Urbanek spread the love of God by using anti-gay slurs and encouraging men to destroy their spouses’ possessions.

 Urbanek is a member of the Stedfast Baptist Church, one of the most vicious anti-LGBTQ hate groups in the nation. Church leaders have called for the execution of gay men and publicly celebrated tragedies that killed members of the LGBTQ community.

“People want to get so riled up… Yeah! F*gs are an abomination. God hates ’em,” he begins. “Well, didn’t it just say if you’re a crossdresser, you’re an abomination too?”

“Now obviously it’s not as bad as being a fa***t,” he continued, “But God is still very upset with your sin.”

“No what should we do about that, knowing this as Christians? If you’re a woman and you own any pants, throw them away. Light them on fire. If you’re a man and your wife has pants, throw them away. And if she yells at you, so be it. Throw them away. That’s a good fight to be in.”

“If I was caught wearing a dress and that was online,” he said as his strange rant continued, “I would do everything in my power to get rid of that picture. Like, man, I gotta find the owner of it and persuade him. I gotta pay him off. Like, man, please delete that picture.”

“You know, there is no picture of me wearing a dress,” he added quickly with a nervous chuckle, “because I’m never going to put one on. I don’t own any and I don’t want to wear any. And women should have that same standard.”

There is no Biblical injunction that’s specifically about women and pants. At the time the Bible was written, trousers weren’t part of the Jewish wardrobe and men wore tunics and robes.


*We know who the will come for next. Some might say, they already have.  Read my post "Is This What You Want - Christian Fascism?"


  1. This type of behavior has been part and parcel of the 'southern baptist' church since, well, forever.
    As a child of the 1950's the pastors home (parsonage) was seven houses up the street.
    The pastors daughter was friends of my older sister and she constantly has 'new rules' regarding banal, daily behavior. Movies and playing cards were verbotten. Dice were bad and soon, yatzee dice were bad too.
    Yes, the days of 'Christian Talibanism' are here. Resist.

  2. How does a gasbag self proclaimed "holy man" of a preacher like that even make the news. His hate would be rejected by 99.9999% of all Christians.
    Now we can all unbunch our panties.
    Angel Amore

    1. Apparently there are sufficient paritioners to pay his salary, ect... Scary crazy
      Sheep are not known for thinking on their own....
      Used to live down from PTL Club. Seen it all. G'friend said she gave Tammy 'the salute!'

    2. An addendum from the above commentary...... after watching.....
      For those of us who have not seen the PBS 'Ken Burns' movie:
      America and the Holocaust-- this is currently being rebroadcast and you should watch all of it.
      It is SCARY AS HELL!!
      Yes, it is 'just the crazies', but maybe not 'just' Some of the excerpts from the 1930's featuring radio ministers from Detroit, ect... , spewing vile lies, just with a different type of mass media.
      Do compare Hitlers 'big tent extravaganza displays' with those of Trump's as well as those of the televised 'Mega Church' services.
      Same song, different but similar verses...

      Trump is not unique, just a well studied psychopath.
      And yes the sheep march in lockstep behind him, toward the edge of the abyss. The problem is that we can be pulled over the edge by the minority 'crazies'.
      Must watch. Cant miss.
      More commentary is needed. Rhonda? Stana?

  3. It’s not all Christians. Just a few crazies. Let’s not lump all of them into this crazy mans believes.