Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Musical Interlude - Born to Run

 It's About Escaping...

Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run (Official Video)

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  1. Born to Run, page 208- Bruce Springsteen. I wrote “Born to Run” sitting on the edge of my bed in a cottage I’d newly rented at 7 1/2 West End Court in West Long Branch, New Jersey. I was in the midst of giving myself a crash tutorial in fifties and sixties rock ’n’ roll. I had a small table holding a record player at the side of my cot, so I was just one drowsy roll away from dropping the needle onto my favorite album of the moment. At night, I’d switch off the lights and drift away with Roy Orbison, Phil Spector or Duane Eddy lullabying me to dreamland. These records now spoke to me in a way most late-sixties and early-seventies rock music failed to. Love, work, sex and fun.

    The 24 year old Springsteen wrote this tome of 70's car culture without having ever driven.