Thursday, November 12, 2020

Tie Front Tops - A Great Look

Our new reality is casual.  This is a look I have worked to perfect for many years and at first was my least favorite look. My femininity was dependent on looking professional to the ultimate degree.  The female business suit and dress with heels was my uniform of choice.  The new normal is casual. My goal in mind is blending in at the grocery store or going for a walk along the beach.  

Many of the professional women I know are rethinking their wardrobe to be presentable for Zoom meetings.  As much as I love heels I have not even looked recently.  

Above is an example of a casual look that works. 

Needless to say, not a look you would find in the male closet. I got the Karen Kane, Tie Front Button Top on sale Macy's a few months back.  (When is there not a sale at  Macy's?) I have it paired with my NJDJ straight leg jeans.  This outfit would work with almost any shoes and I have it shown with the whole spectrum.  

The top on the model is available from Closet Candy - Why Knot Top - Denim Blue.  

Here is Deborah's, Fabulous After 40 take on this look:  

I’m seeing lots of tops that tie up and knot at the front, and they look pretty cute!

Knotting or tying up tops and shirts is a styling trick that’s been used by women for ages to help define the waist, turn a long top into a cropped one, and add some femininity to an outfit. Remember that famous photo of  Marilyn Monroe in a white shirt with the front hem tied fetchingly at her waist? The modern version of the tie-front top has a tie built right in.

Tie-front tops work like magic to create the illusion of a smaller waist and a more hourglass figure. Who doesn’t want that?


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