Friday, November 6, 2020

Beach Walk Fashion


One thing I am enjoying about living at the beach is being able to walk out my door, cross the street and walk the beach. Moving along the surf line, a little less than a mile form my door, is the Juno Beach Pier.  I am making an effort to make this a daily activity/walk. What a wonderful relaxing time. Seldom is the beach crowded and time spent away from all electronics, news and noise is wonderful. Just the sound of the Atlantic waves. 

Am I crazy talking about beach walks in November?  I am hoping I will be able to continue this year round.  The Atlantic Gulf Stream breeze moderates the hot and cool days; so-far, so-good.

Above is my go-to fashion choice for my walks.  Levi high rise shorts, Venus "Love" graphic tee, and REEF Cushion Breeze Sandals from Amazon. Once I cross the beach road, I just carry the flip-flops while walking bare-foot at the surf line.  

Just last week the wind was up and the kite surfers were out in mass enjoying a good ocean breeze. This was a day I cut my walk short, sat and watched for about an hour. I have been told that the Jupiter Beach area is a favorite spot for wind / kite surfing.  

Kite Surfing 


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