Friday, November 13, 2020

We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends


Let us give ourselves credit - The defeating of Donald Trump was a monumental  task.  Something we, as a community, could not have accomplished on our own. I do not want to imagine what another four years of a Trump administration could have done. Rights and freedoms we have come to expect and enjoy would have been further eroded until the 'closet' could have become our permanent residence. 

We were not the only group that felt the sting of bigotry and exclusion. Trump's immigration policies all but telegraphed "Make America White Again". Trump became a master of dividing America for political gain. As long as his dividing benefited him, he cared nothing about and the other half.

Yes, many worked to accomplish Trump's defeat - Those who had the most to lose from another four years. 

As John Oliver describe it: "Trump's defeat in the crucial state, Arizona, came from the voting block of indigenous tribes and Latinos. In Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia the black vote was absolutely key with black women working for years [to register and get their community to the polls]. ...Their vote was an act of self preservation for themselves and their community from someone trying to do them active harm." 

Today on "Friend's Friday" I recognize all the effort spent to help America right itself.  Thank you.  Let's all continue to do our part now to "Keep America Great". 

Let us never forget - "We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends"!



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