Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Political Vacation

I wrote this to a friend this morning: "No results – I feel I have been beaten up.  Even if Biden wins, he likely will not have the Senate nor a mandate to work with.  More gridlock; contention rules. 

I am starting my political vacation today.  In the words of Doris Day – “What will be will be.”  

I see long walk on the beach, keeping a positive attitude and living peacefully as a better alternative. 


The current political climate is anything but peaceful.  I plan on utilizing a mute button for the foreseeable feature as to political obsessions. Social media and 24 hour cable news outlets have, for their own benefit, whipped up  strife.  Time to use my mute button. 

I did my part by voting. I have presented my opinions and have attempted to bring a measure of reasonable humor to very serious matters. My political week in review will continue with more emphasis on social matters. 

Occasionally if I find political absurdity that deals with injustice to our community, I will post that. Please forward to me meaningful news along this line.  

The first host of a morning new show, Dave Garroway, closed his show each morning with this request:


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  1. Here is one site that one can find news both good and bad about our community.