Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Feminine Differential - Incongruous

Not in harmony or keeping with the surroundings or other aspects of something.

What rules? If you want to dress fashionable and not usual, then surely use the mix-and-match technique to combine incongruous styles in one outfit.  

This wonderful feminine differential allow for the variety of a denim shirt paired with an almost formal dressy pencil skirt and heels shown here. 

I guess that being transgender is within itself an incongruous act. So why not make it all work.  We are seeing non-binary  transgender individual in beautiful clothing still having a beard.  Although this is not my style and never will be, style can be whatever make us comfortable and empresses our true self.  

Be who you are!


Blogger Monika Sveet 
sees it this way. She is a lovely Indian crossdresser, who has traveled throughout the world and ventured out as a woman in many countries Note: The information below is based on one of her answers on Quora. 

Incongruous…!!! Let me say it in two perspective:

Incongruous from the crowd… where everyone is wearing a uniform and you dress up in bright colored beach clothes…!!! Well that would be making an idiot of yourself.

Incongruous in terms of your ensemble…!!! Oh yes.. it can go both ways.. make you look stylish or simply dressed badly.

People who are risk avert or “play safe” kind, they follow the stereo-typical dress code which makes them invisible in the crowd. Then there are people who are exciting, risk takers and who love to be noticed… those people tend to breakaway from the usual dress code and show off their special style of dressing up.

Without taking it too far, if you are a guy who is surrounded by people wearing power suits… you would be expected to wear one as well and while you cannot turn up in surfing clothes, you can definitely add a touch of style with the neck tie or through some accessories to be noticed.

For women, there is a plethora of options… dress up in suits, skirts or simply a beautiful dress… adding just a few inches to your shoes would make you more noticed. Wear those nice colors on your nails and lips and you will be getting all the attention you seeking.


  1. I love the incongruity options women have more of than men do. If I don't buy another piece of women's clothes (yeah right), I will never live long enough to wear all the options and choices in my wardrobe.
    Angel Amore