Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Empowerment: Wear What You Like!

Women Empowerment: Pants Are Powerful!

You could have been arrested for wearing pants in public!

My Note: It was not that long ago that men could have been arrested for wearing a dress in public.  

That’s one of many struggles woman had to face up until 1940. Yes, you read that right: until 1940, if you were a woman you could not wear pants in public without the risk of getting arrested.

78 years later, the thought of getting arrested for wearing pants sounds ludicrous. I sit, here at my desk, writing today’s blog post in a pair of pants. In fact, once I finish this post I’ll head out (into the public) for a family get together, and I’ll be wearing a pair of pants (actually, I’m repeating the exact same outfit I wore for this post). To think that if this was 78 years earlier I wouldn’t have the luxury of doing so.

For this reason, and so so so many more, I am proud to partner with Ann Taylor for today’s blog post to share their Pants are Power campaign (on International Women’s Day no less), celebrating the brand’s commitment to over 60 years to make a woman feel powerful in her wardrobe.

In our day to day hustle, it’s easy to forget what the women before us had to fight for in order for us to have the privileges we experience as women today.

Now, you may be thinking “Victoria, not being allowed to wear pants is not really what I would consider a ‘struggle’ – there are so many more serious women’s rights issues.” And while, I hear you, I want to say that it’s not about the pants per say, it’s about what the pants stand for. It’s about pants being a symbol of equality for women.

Below you’ll find more images of today’s outfit, where I’m wearing pieces from Ann Taylor‘s spring collection – which stands behind the promise that every pant should fit where it counts – from waist to hip. I can testify to this promise, because having the hips I do makes it hard for me to find a pair of pants I feel comfortable in. I fell in love with these ones as soon as I tried them on – they’re the Ankle Pants in curvy petite (they also have them in regular, and regular petite – as opposed to curvy – to fit the different body shapes we have as women). I also have them in black!

Below you’ll also find Ann Taylor’s Pants are Power video that follows the journey from 1940, when women could still be arrested for wearing pants in public, to 2018 where women can wear them whenever, wherever.

So as we put on our pants, today and every day, let’s take a second and nod to strong women who, in the not-so-distant past, fought for their right to wear pants that make them feel confident and empowered. Who fought for so many other rights we women have today that we take for granted. And let us nod to the strong women who are currently rallying for our rights; as well as to the women of the future who will continue on with this fight.


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