Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Cody Fern - Bold Statement

Cody Fern - Gender Fluid

IMBd; Hailing from rural Western Australia, Cody made his auspicious stage debut as the lead in the National Theatre's production of 'War Horse'. He played David Madson on the Emmy and Golden Globe winning Limited Series: 'American Crime Story, The Assassination of Gianni Versace', Michael Langdon (The Antichrist) and Xavier Plympton in the Ryan Murphy anthology series 'American Horror Story' and Duncan Shepherd in the globally acclaimed series 'House of Cards'.

Cody is being held up as somebody whose style choices don't revolve around upholding gender-based norms. Cody has frequently worn eye make up on the red carpet, as well as non-traditional suits. Cody's Golden Globes red carpet look, for example, saw the star don a sheer shouldered top and a light smokey eye.

From Refinery29:  Cody Fern... - The Rise Of Queer Fashion At The Golden Globes

These stars may not have asked to carry the torch for their entire communities, but upon accepting their global recognition, they took it anyway. Sure, a woman wearing a men's suit or a man wearing heels on the red carpet may seem like not much, but those moments are more than just one-offs for people who want to try the same thing and may risk their own safety in doing so. It's not all that serious, of course, but these moments do prove that red carpet fashion is more than just self-promotion. It's visibility, too.
From Cody Fern wearing Maison Martin Margiela heels, to Troye Sivan in a flamboyant Calvin Klein By Appointment suit, the transgender actresses of Pose, and more, we rounded up our favorite nods to queer style from the Golden Globes — including those who may not consider themselves members of the queer community but said no to tradition anyway.


  1. I loved the Cody Fern photo montage. As for the photo, in the upper left corner, taken at the Golden Globes....
    Upon first seeing the photo last year, I thought to myself: 'too bad there are no subtle, suitably sized, black bra straps showing through the black sheer cloth....

    1. I like the upper right with the jacket hanging off the shoulders.

    2. Totally into that pic. Shows Cody with curves? Is this pic from a movie? The total scene and pose has such feminine cues.

    3. American Horror Story red carpet event in Los Angeles & Met Gala NY.