Monday, April 27, 2020

Dress-Up-Play Is Smart...

According to the VeryWell Family "Dress-Up-Play" is smart and important:  

Kid's Craft Room 
There is a reason why you'll find a box of dress-up play clothing in most preschool classrooms. Because preschool teachers know that when kids use their imaginations, they also are working a host of other important academic and emotional muscles.

 When your daughter dons "scrubs" (pajamas) and checks her dolls using a "stethoscope" (for my daughter it was a hair ribbon) her mind is going a mile a minute, practicing what she has experienced herself dozens of times. When he's imagining himself as a race car driver, he's actually learning — not to drive of course — but the actions of sitting in a car, buckling a seatbelt and putting the key in the ignition.
And chances are, your child isn't silent when he's playing dress-up. If a restaurant is the setting of the moment, they are talking about drinks and food and cooking and the order at table two that they need to take. If she is on the moon, looking for Martians with a colander/space helmet on her head, she's got to figure out where to land her rocket and what color rock the alien is hiding behind. Even if your child is quiet while engaged in dress-up play, you can bet that their imagination is going at full tilt.Role-playing, especially when it happens with other children, encourages taking turns, cooperation, and socialization.

 Children that allow their imaginations to run wild become great problem solvers as adults.

I remember playing dress-up and I bet you do too.  Did we ever stop?  In my case I never stopped and  still do, whenever I can.  We are living in a time of social distancing and stay-at-home, however why not make play time when we are home.  Didn't you always want to wear a dress to work?  Now is your chance. 

My good friend Caitlin told me about getting up early, putting a dress, a little makeup and then having her morning coffee.  What to do - Read the blogs and enjoy the solitude of the moment. Sounds like a plan! Even if later the yard service needs a check or the pool person need to be told to do a better job, go change; you still had your escape moment.  

The above fashion layout is build around a Venus - ASYMMETRICAL TOP, in orange.  When we all get out again and I get to do another cruise (hopefully soon), this will be a perfect piece of a port destination walk or casual lunch. The top was actually featured on the Spring Venus catalog cover and it was love at first sight. It provides a generous fit and on sale now for $26.99.  Wear with white palazzo pants, skinny leggings, or shorts - it goes from dressy to casual in a pure moment of Dress-Up-Play.

Dress-Up-Play - Why let the kids have all the fun!

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