Sunday, April 19, 2020

Rhonda's Political Week In Review 4/19/2020

Donald Trump’s Greatest Escape!


His critics assume this crisis has to take Trump down, whether for the bungled response or the economic collapse. They’re missing something important: He’s been training for this moment his entire life.

...Many people I talked to said Trump’s already turned this calamity into opportunity, pointing to his nearly daily briefings, which by some accounts are like his rallies only better—because they happen more often and are watched by more people. Their efficacy is very much an open question. Polling is showing the benefits are fading, as the briefings have gotten longer, less focused and more contentious. Struggling with mounting coverage painting him as a heedless, feckless ditherer who ignored numerous dire warnings, Trump has stuck unwaveringly to a characteristic P.R. offensive, accepting no “responsibility,” claiming “total” authority, and presenting himself as an on-it and unassailable manager—putting his name on mailed-out CDC guidelines and stimulus checks while at the same time relentlessly shifting blame for this “invisible enemy” to the World Health Organization, China, states he says weren’t prepared enough, governors he thinks don’t thank him enough.


An amazing article packed with Trump history. This is not Trump's first pass the blame disaster - "I take no responsibility at all". See how he has escaped them all and may very well escape this one. This article helps us to understand his daily barrage of propaganda. A factual article without spin.  A must read!


  1. In an accidental encounter with an educator, (while dining here in N.C.); she explained to me, that after the college students' anti war protests in the 1960's, education changed in order to deliberately 'dumb down', the college students of the future. There is a HUGE difference in an EDUCATION vs A TECHNICAL SKILL. After all, SOMEBODY has to be gulled into supporting as well as volunteering for the NEXT 'jingoistic' brushfire war.

    Enter: DJT, et al....

    I worked for a 'Fortune 30' corporation for 36 years, and my future bride worked, literally, down the street at 'BIG FAT National Bank' headquarters for nearly as long.
    We both joked and concurred that leaders at both institutions were picked on the same criteria: Good Looks!
    'We' actually had a retired 'sports pro' who could barely read and write. Us 'underlings' would deliberately ask him 'tech questions', just to watch him stammer and 'go blank face' rather than admit ignorance. So fun!
    No 'outsiders' need apply, unless it is for the loading dock ect..
    As the book "The Peter Principle" (by Dr. Lawrence J. Peter) states:
    "An ounce of IMAGE beats a POUND OF PERFORMANCE".
    Now-days, people with REAL CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS, are a diminishing class, and the remaining persons are totally entranced by DJT's image, his pretty wife and family, and of course his, endless self promoting B.S.

    "If you cant DAZZLE then with BRILLIANCE,
    BAFFLE them with BULLSHIT!"

    And baffled, and bamboozled they are!


    1. "If you cant DAZZLE then with BRILLIANCE, BAFFLE them with BULLSHIT!" - Never was truer statement said and so true of DJT.

      Thanks Velma