Wednesday, April 8, 2020

I Love A Success Story - Yiscah Smith

My Journey Embracing My Gender Identity To Teach And Embody Authentic Jewish Living

Huffington Post
Yiscah Smith

On my 50th birthday I woke up to the loneliest, most disconnected and painful day of my life. I had no more energy to continue breathing air into someone else’s body while I myself was becoming lifeless. 

That day I made the monumental decision to begin my gender transition journey.

After decades of struggle, my physical body would finally align with my thoughts and feelings ― with what I’ve always known to be my true gender. But despite this, after that transition, I still didn’t feel whole.

Gender identity dysphoria accompanied me at birth 68 years ago, severely impacting most of my life. I was born on Long Island as Jeffrey Scott Smith, but I never felt right putting breath into what I felt was someone else’s body, as if I was held captive in it. 


It concludes: My long, deep journey to find my authentic self and live my truth brought me to where I am today. This peaceful, joyful life where I am able to share my journey ― and the tools that helped free me to live authentically ― is the truest gift in the world. I hope that my teachings, my journey and my encouragement can help others live as their authentic spiritual selves with joy, compassion and gratitude. 

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