Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Artbreeder - Editing With Artificial Intelligence

When does a woman look like a man? What AI can tell us about gender.

With a Little Help From A Friend - Artbreeder.com

From the site "Crossdream Life" something you can play with while social isolating:

The way an AI (artificial intelligence) interprets gender can tell us something about how we humans see gender. It seems there is a very narrow tipping point where we start to reclassify from male to female and vice versa.

I imagine many here have already heard about Faceapp, however, there is a new site on the web that I personally think is far better, it's called Artbreeder and you can do all sorts of arty things on it.Including changing faces, it takes anywhere from a few minutes to an hour depending on where your upload is in the queue, at the end of which you get not the picture as is, but “an approximation” but oh, the things you can do with that approximation.

You upload your photo (everything is happening on the cloud) and go into Edit-Genes mode.  As you can see there are 24 slider that allow adjustment of  gender,  smile, age, eyeglasses, mouth and others. The sliders liked best is  "Concept Art". It can make any photo look like a painting or magazine cover - "Breck Girl". Remember those?

It is so much fun until you start to play with the age slider.  I think Police Department have had something similar to age suspects that have eluded capture for years.  Venture carefully down this path.  At one point on the slider I was hoping the the coronavirus gets me before I look like that way. 

You can move the slide to the left to make myself more feminine all the way to the "Stepford Wife" look.  In the photo above I had already save some gender work then used the "Concept Art, Mouth, and Eye" slider. WOW! Enjoy...   
FFS without the pain or recovery.  Or your wish list.   


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