Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Feminine Differential - How Do You Zip A Back Zipper?

I love this illustration.

Or the best of the best, find a willing partner to do the deed. But that is a whole other discussion. What is your solution?


  1. Thankfully, I have a bit of flexibility in my arms, so I am able to zip up from the bottom as far as possible, then reach over my shoulders to zip up to the top. Sometimes I do have to pull the dress (or top) up slightly to reach the zipper pull, then tug it back down once I'm all zipped in. I love the feeling of the back of the dress closing as the zipper goes up.

  2. I invested in a zipper pull, which works wonders if you remember to attach it before putting the dress on! I have issues with that sometimes...

  3. During my 'tour of duty' in the retail sales world, when I was of college age, I had been greeted by many of my female co-workers request to 'help zip me up' as they arrived for the beginning of their work shift. Being a young inexperienced lad, the first time this happened, I was quite taken back by the request!
    There are home made 'dressing bars' made from a length of thin (but sturdy) brass brazing rod to hook the zipper tab hole.
    Or, just ask a trusted friend or associate... Just arrive wearing some type of top coat, at least for the moment.

    BTW, now that you got INTO the garment, how do you get OUT?
    Do have a plan, before executing 'femulation'.

  4. Early on, I used a thin piece of butcher's cord with a knot tied on one end. I would slip the cord through the zipper pull and after zipping up it was just a matter of pulling the knot and have the cord slip out.