Friday, March 27, 2020

Something To Do At Home - Girl Time

The Best OPI Shades Of All Time

If you are going a little stir crazy, there are little things we can do to break the monotony and still have girl-time.

Let your hair grow; after all we are going to the office and when will you have a better opportunity. Shampoo, use rollers and blow-dry. If that is too obvious for your Skype meeting, then why not just do your nails. Let then grow, trim into a feminine shape and use a neutral shade.  Who is going to notice, the USP guy and who cares?  Here is a YouTube on Giving Yourself a Manicure.   

Don't have any nail polish? Amazon delivers. 

Here is an article from the ZOE Report about The Best OPI Shades Of All Time, According To Celebrity Manicurists.  OPI is my favorite brand.  

These happen to be my favorite colors as well:

What are your suggestions for getting through this time at home? We may be confined, but Escapes are possible. Value your girl-time


  1. Hi Rhonda, I’m doing sll of the sbove, mani, pedi, let hair grow, pedi for the wife, and even play with both very light makeup and the webcam to attend meetings without anyone noticing.
    Thanks for your blogging!, be safe!

  2. I have been mostly dressed every day while stuck in. I try to get out in the morning for a walk and then shower and change into hose, heels and a dress or skirt and top. No real impetus for doing too much make up or wearing a wig

  3. I blogged about the Zoya Naked Manicure the other day. I have nails that peel and break easily, so this is a great kit for managing that. My therapist has also recommended adding feminine touches to my day, she noted that people are a lot less observant than we think and even less so over video. :)

  4. As one who tries to make a feminine expression, impression, and appearance every day, these trying times may be a bit different for me. I never want to show any more of my latent masculinity than I have to, but it's getting tougher. I am accustomed to visiting the nail salon every three or four weeks, as I need the strength of acrylic nails in order to have any length at all. I was overdue for a fill when our governor ordered all nail salons to shut down over two weeks ago. My nails have grown 1/4 inch since my last salon visit, and they look awful now. I may have to remove the acrylic, but I'd rather not. It's an ugly job to do, and my natural nails would have to be cut down all the way (otherwise, they'd break off, anyway). I'd try to do the fill, myself, but it's been many years since I'd done it, and I could never do as good a job as the salon. It's not a pretty picture, any way you look at it. :-(

    1. I checked with my hairdresser this afternoon. She is closed and not sure when the salon can reopen. My hair is OK today and for a few weeks it will hold its shape. however, there is a point where my hair become unmanageable. Fingers crossed...

    2. OK, Rhonda. I'll keep my ugly-looking fingers crossed for you! :-) My wife and daughter were joking the other day that, if the salon closures go on to long, there are going to be quite a few distraught women with shaggy hair, roots showing, eyelash extensions fallen out, bad nails (like mine), and - God forbid - way overdue fo their next round of Botox and other filler injections!