Friday, March 13, 2020

Catch Of The Day - Making Jeans Work

If you are not careful jeans can can look "Tom Boy" and can detract from your feminine presentation.  This season's skinny jeans have taken off and you see them everywhere. This creates a fitting problem when some jeans become almost leggings. This is my first season experimenting with this look and do like the look on me. It makes my short legs look longer and the ankle cut (29") on jeans hits perfectly at the top of my shoes.  

The above jeans are Talbots' Slim Ankle Jeans - Tulip Print.  Sorry, almost completely sold out and I got the last pair of size 8.  Keep a watch, for I have seen this style/pattern repeat. The jeans have a lot of good stuff going on; slim cut, high rise with slimming panel, subtle girly tulip print and medium wash color. They really are form fitting and are unmistakably feminine; expect complements.

There is very little that you do not already have in the tops or shoe department that will not look good with these jeans.  The flats are also Talbots' Poppy Bow - Dot Print.  The sandals are Michael Kors Holly Sandals from last summer and the heels are Sam Edelman, Striped Hazel Pumps. You may be able to do a Google search and still find the sandals and heels.    

     Macy's Free People

Any stripe-top/t-shirt compliments the jeans and looks good. The one shown is Amazon's Zeagoo Off The Shoulder Convertible Tunic Top ($9.90). This Macy's Free People Fever Dream T-Shirt would also work and is on sale this weekend.

Don't shy away from the jeans casual look. Look for subtle touches that make for the feminine differential and enhance your presentation. if you go to the market or mall on any day, this is the look you see. Blending in does not have to be drab or boring while still being your real self.


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  1. How do you deal with the 'wash' phase of jeans? Wash individually to avoid color bleed to different shades of jeans? Do you iron? Or, hang on a clamp hanger to a pleat? Fold at a pleat, half fold and stack? Inquiring minds wish to know.
    Dont get me started on INDIGO/BLACK jeans... Wash water always turns black, and the jeans start to fade...
    These questions pertain to Gurl Jeans, guy jeans deserve NO respect!