Friday, March 20, 2020

Catch of The Day - My Boot Challenge

Naturalizer Allie
"Endless versatility - Timeless style."
 "The pointed toe bootie is chic beyond belief. And that’s an understatement."

I have a double whammy when it comes to boots. We are not talking snow boots here, but sexy high heel boots - The kind the Kinky Boots sang about with the "The Sex is in the Heel." In my book, high heel boots are the pinnacle of femininity.     

My problem is very few boots, almost none, will ever fit my feet. Although well within a typical female size of 9, I have an unusually high arch and large calf.  While ascending a stair case wearing a skirt one day after work, a woman commented, "You must be a dancer?"  I thanked her profusely and mentioned that most who don't comment are probably thinking, "Power Lifter".  We had a good laugh together. Needless to say that even after trying many wide-calf tall boots I have almost given up on the sexy variety.    
Pikolinos Roma Booties

I have found a friend in Pikolinos bootie and wear then regularly when traveling to cold climates.  They are a walkable, heeled booties that works for me. No one would ever mistake them for sexy but they work on a functional feminine level.

I was please to find the above bootie on-line at Naturalizer. With the elastic insert on both sides they accommodate my high instep, and come in a "Wide" up to a size 11.  And yes, the "pointed toe" is sexy, peekng out from under your jeans. The heel height is  3 1/4" and that is always the first item I look for in a description. I got a pair a month ago and checked recently and found the price to be about $70.00 - which represents 50% off.  

These look great and are as comfortable to wear as any high heel shoe. A catch of the day if you like sexy booties.  The Sex is in the heels.        

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