Monday, March 2, 2020

Gen Z is Rejecting the Gender Binary

One needs to look/listen no further than Satellite Radio to know that generational differences exist. Listen to the music of the '60s and then go up two clicks and note the difference in the ‘80’s sound. Each generation is different with attitudes, politics, and music that define it.  

Presumptively, we baby boomers have been accused of ruining the planet through our greed to only enrich ourselves. Maybe that is the attitude that allowed this/my generation to elect a “Make America Great Again” President in a failed attempt to recapture our prowess, while the Millennials were glued to their smartphones. 

Gen Z activist, Emma González
 Marjory  Stoneman Douglas High School survivor
Millennials - wake up. You are not as entitled as you think with your participation trophies. If you stay hopelessly unaware, then the America you know will be no more. It is not too late for fiscal responsibility (stop the tax cuts for the rich) and to reverse climate change. However, time is running out.

Please excuse the previous rant as I now get to my subject. The generation that is now moving to the fore is Generation Z (or Gen Z for short). This demographic succeeds Millennials and precedes Generation Alpha. (Gen A is too young to matter yet). Researchers and popular media typically use the mid-1990's as starting birth years for Gen Z and the early 2010's as the ending birth years, with 1997 the widely accepted beginning. (Wikipedia)

Gen Z’s attitude toward gender is particularly interesting to us.  An article in SheKnows recently stated, “It’s Official: Gen Z is Rejecting the Gender Binary and the World Needs to Follow Suit”.  A further describe Gen Z's young people  this way:

…despite their generation facing unprecedented stressors and all-time high mental health risks [they] are blazing trails in fighting for gun reform, climate justice, equality for everyone everywhere on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum, and more. And what can parents do to support them? In short: Shut up, sit down, and let the kids show the world what’s up.

Gender, as we baby boomers see it and “Trans” as we cross it, is changing before our eyes.  SHEMedia followed a group of 25 preteens and teens for five years to learn about these kids.  One takeaway: Today’s teens are more gender-nonconforming and gender-fluid than any previous generation, and it’s serving them well.

Read the complete article at SheKnows and watch the full video below. Note Gen Z's take on gender. Why? Because these kids are our future, and they’re going to change it.

As one of the kids said - “It’s important to be yourself. Because if you’re not yourself, who are you?"

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