Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Men's Skirts and Blouse - Unisex?

Cacao linen skirt for men in hakama style - Organic eco sustainable clothes

These are real offers / ad on ETSY - Cacao linen skirt for men in hakama style - Organic eco sustainable clothes.  The shirts is even listed as a blouse.  interesting. 

Hygge linen top shirt - Eco unisex loose blouse tunic for men and women

What do you think?  Would you wear it?


  1. OK, I'll bite...😉 I love the way the mauve skirt drapes but the white one appears to be embarrassingly see-through and the color combos make me wince. They've recycled (again), baggy and hideous surgical scrubs and I didn't know that tire-tread sandals were making a comeback. Add a bit of dirt and a headdress to the first two photos and you're fit to be an extra in the next bible epic...😉

    1. Thanks Tanit - "bible epic" You nailed it! That is the words I was looking for.

    2. Barabbas! Release Barabbas! :-)

  2. Yuck! These are not looks I would like in either gender. Almost as if the designer said men like boring colors and fabrics, let's do it unisex. Yes, the white one needs a slip or lined.

  3. Wewease Bawabbas! Sir, uh we don't have a Bawabbas sir...😉

  4. Thanks for the great, biting but humorous critique, Tanit! As for the 'show thru', the options are 'white boxers'(no), white culotte style, long legged panties (bloomers?) (yes). I used them for white palazzo pants and white skirts....
    "I am Sparticus, NO! I am Sparticus..."
    Velma-- Somewhat stircrazy....

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