Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Sandy Thomas Books - eBay

One of My Favorites 
Most of us have seen/read transgender fiction.  It provides intellectual stimulation and makes us all wonder, "What would it be like if...".  Fantasies abound on being coerced to become a woman or to be changed ever so slowly into a new persona. Long before the internet and downloading books, I happened upon the Sandy Thomas paperback novellas.  

Transgender fiction has a rich history going back to the 1921 French story, "Frederique".  

I believe our modern founding god-mother, Virginia Prince, wrote/published several short stories, however it was Sandy Thomas Publishing that took it to market in a big way. Here is a little information from the Debbie Ballard's site on Sandy Thomas and the genre:

Sandy Thomas

Sandy is a writer of transgender fiction that focuses on cross-dressing and "late awakenings".  Most of the stories use gentle versions of forced feminization, Often the young male victim is tricked, loses a bet, or seduced into the initial dressing up, and gradually gets in touch with the girl he has been trying so hard to hide.

Often, the subject of transformation is reluctant, struggles with himself and his coach, but ultimately finds happiness as a woman.  These stories are erotic, but not overly explicit in terms of sexually explicit language.

Forced feminization is a common fantasy for transgender women as well as cisgender women.  Cisgender women often find they have a desire to feminize a man, especially someone who tries to act too masculine.  Ironically, a transgender woman living in stealth is often too easy.

The give-away in these stories is that the objections have nothing to do with not wanting to be feminine, but rather with their fear of being recognized, being ridiculed, or not being able to "pass".  This is often a give-away.

Sandy has written or published over 200 books.

The illustrations are always spot on
and add to the story 
I had a very dear transgender friend who wintered in Palm Beach. We would talk, and occasionally do things together when he was not involved in world politics at a massively important level. He was a good friend and I miss him greatly. 

A good and influential man that made every effort to leave the planet in a better way than he found it. We can only wish that be said of all of us.  

He was very ill his last six months and took the wise course of cleaning out his collection of wigs, ball gowns, lingerie, and shoes. (Side note: Do you have a plan?) Many gowns were exquisitely beautiful, like my friend. He had a large collection of transgender fiction writing and felt it unwise to dispose of these in Palm Beach, due to his prominence. 

One day, near the end, we loaded my SUV from front to back with Michelle's treasures. I could feel the sadness in her heart as we were loading. Much went to Goodwill, many magazines were tossed and I kept the paperback novellas until now.

My Auction 
It is time to let someone else enjoy these. I have a large lot of "Sandy Thomas" and other publisher's books on eBay. There are 94 books. I plan on having a spreadsheet of titles and book numbers available. Use the contact section above or "Contact Page";  I will send the complete list.

I would love for one of my blog readers to have this complete lot. Something to read while at home! Note: The eBay buyer will remain anonymous.

Here is the eBay listing: 



  1. You were a good friend to help your tg friend achieve some peace of mind in his last days.
    Your friend was most certainly not the only leader in a 'high pressure' career to find his own means of personal 'escape'.
    Historical accounts occasionally touch on various leaders doing same.

  2. Before Fictionmania I was a Sandy Thomas junkie. However, just like Fictionmania is today, Sandy Thomas novelettes had about a one in ten hit rate of well written material, for me.
    Angel Amore

    1. I agree on "one in ten" hit rate. Many times the paper backs were wrapped so you could not preview the story before buying. Typically $5 to 10$ each. Ended up saying "that was a waste. Better luck next time". Then you would find a real treasure and it was all worth it.

  3. "One day, near the end, we loaded my SUV from front to back with Michelle's treasures. I could feel the sadness in her heart as we were loading. Much went to Goodwill, many magazines were tossed and I kept the paperback novellas until now."

    Oh my gosh this made me tear up.

    It's funny very few people other than our transgender sisters here would understand this...

    On another note, gosh before the internet Sandy Thomas stories were a life line. How ever at $10 a pop they were a luxury back in those days when my salary was low and expenses were high

    I was speaking with someone who worked with Sandy Thomas pubs, they were written by a team a husband and wife. I'd love to hear their story if they are listening or if anyone else knows.

    1. I have looked everywhere for the "The Sandy Thomas story". Let me know if you can find it. That story is likely as good as any story in the collection.

      Yes - very much a life line back then. The stories were A treasure and back then $10.00 was an expense to be justified.

      Paula, Thanks for the comment.