Monday, April 13, 2020

Cute Sneakers - Why Not?

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A Flicker Discussion Group: Men Who Like to Wear Women's Sneakers


     "Women's running shoes are my one escape, I wear them out in public all the time, casually or when I 'm walking."
Sketcher's D'Lites Fresh Start

       "I think it is because that they look better than men's sneakers do. And I think that they look better on me also."

     "Mostly because they fit better. Less chunky than men's and so many more colors to choose from."

     "I love traditional white Keds champions, mostly because they go with all of my favorite women’s socks. I’ve also recent discovered Keds Craze II sneakers—they fit and feel so good, and might just be the best sneakers I’ve ever purchased."

     "My first pair of women shoe where my Sister white Reebok hi top Freestyle ..They look so cute I just had to try them on and see how they fir and feel on my feet ..Yes they where a little big for my small feet I had but I still tried them on .After that I was over ny friends house and she let me try a pair of her cool sneakers on. They where a pair of white and gray Nike air not bad looking and the fit me like a glove and she told me to wear them out with us on a date so I did..No one even new they where women shoe and now I wear nothing but women shoe and sneakers ,Nike, Reebok, Skeatchers, Adidas and more"

My Favorite - Sperry Platform Sneaker
     "I love it when women notice that am wearing women's sneakers. So many times they have made comments to me about them. One day in the food court in the mall I was at a table eating the women at the next table looked down at my sneakers and said OMG you have women's sneakers on and I have a pair of Reebok princess sneakers just like your at home.
She asked me what size did I wear when I told her size 8 med she said OMG again and told me she did as well. She asked me if my wife approved of it. I told her yes she does she told that that was so cool.

Things like this have happen to me more than once. Some times women ask me if am a sissy?"

     "All I own are women's sneakers. I love the way they feel and look on me. Its fun seeing a real woman with the same sneakers I have on. I wear a women 8 med and my wife wear the same size as me. We share a lot of our clothes and shoes."

Very interesting comments: OK your turn - Do you have any cute sneakers?  When do you wear them?  If you are not wearing this "Escape" treasure, then why not?


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  1. Thanks Rhonda for this post. It helped me a lot to find comfortable shoes online. No more guessing what size to order.