Sunday, April 12, 2020

Rhonda's Political Week In Review 4/12/2020


  1. Totally loved the first cartoon. Not that the unemployed dont need a bailout, but that money is 'printed' money, and sooner or later, the 'INFLATION TAX' will soon kick in. Remember, the 'inflation tax' taxes everything you got, every year, year in and year out.
    This is why your dollar is worth about 25 cents in 1980 dollars; and worth somewhere between 2 and 3 cents in 1960 dollars. Think you are a millionaire? Aint nothing special, soon EVERYONE will be! Just ask the Italians....
    The first rules of economics:
    There are no free lunches.
    Always try to stick 'the other guy' with the check.
    Please turn your head to the left; and now to the right....
    YOU are the 'other guy'.