Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Dinner At The Farm

My Meetup "Women's Group" had an wonderful dinner at a
Kai Kai Farm, Monday March 21.  "Farm-to-Table" is not new, but is becoming the new catch phrase for restaurants that are near farms. This especially works here in South Florida where much of the nations US grown vegetables and produce thrive during the winter and early spring season.  Local restaurant chefs' have agreements with the farms and the relationship benefits all.  

Our MeetUp Group with 
Executive Chef Joanie Moore
"Essentially farm-to-table means harnessing the produce and livestock of locally grown farmers and ranchers; to put it simply, buying local. Most produce loses its nutrients within 24 hours of harvesting.


On Monday evening Executive Chef, Joanie Moore, provided a delicious dinner for our meetup group of nine and about 40 others at the farm. We ate at Kai Kai Farm's large open screened dining hall. There were larges screens where we could watch as the chef prepared our dinner in a demonstration/teaching setting.  We learned new cooking techniques and enjoy this creative meal together where questions were answered during the class.

Kai Kai Farm it a beautiful farm on 40 acres in the heartland of western Martin County.  Bordered by picturesque pastures and towering eucalyptus trees the rows run long with beans, broccoli, brussel sprouts and 80 other varieties of grown-in-the-ground artisanal vegetables. The dining hall is country-chic.

We had our on own table together and what a fun evening with an intelligent, interesting group of women.  I hope we do it again soon. 

My outfit for the evening
(Maybe a little overdressed for the farm) 


  1. What a lovely event and a fun time for your group. You look amazing and not really overdressed (maybe the heels, but I love them too).

  2. You are absolutely stunning!...love your style

  3. I cannot escape my fascination with 'shoulder boob';-).
    Great outfit.

    1. "Shoulder boob" - In case you have not noticed I love the look!

  4. You look wonderful Rhonda! The color suits you.🙂