Thursday, March 17, 2022

Shopping My Closet for A MB Event


This month's Mercedes Club event was a breakfast at a local diner and a visit to a car storage facility. There are times when I become numb to the excesses I see in-and-around Palm Beach with high end shopping, restaurants, and mansions. However, this event was "an over-the-top moment!"

K2 is a 30,000 sq ft open wearhouse/storage facility for collectors of high end exotic / rare classic cars. This air conditioned facility provides full services from brokerage, storage, maintenance, detailing and pick-up / delivery. Individual vehicles that we saw ranged in value for 3 million plus, (multiples of this execotic car, silver, red, and orange) to a pristine 64 Mustang convertible. And everything in between. Of special interest was a Gullwing SL Mercedes AMG that was brought up to the front just for us. 

Although many of the cars were museum or race quality, we were to assume that many were driven on the road for fun and pleasure. All but the race cars had license plates. Likely a summer storage place while their owners summer in the Hamptons or Westchester.  

Our Group Photo - This gives some feeling for the size of the building 

The outfit of the day included a recent Tommy Bahama Palm Tree Crew Sweater and Chico's  Striped Denim Ankle Jeggings,  My closet "fun find" were the Coach Kori Signature Jacquard Denim Wedges and matching Coach purse. These had to be at least 15 years old and worked well with the outfit of the day. The wedge sandals (4" with 3/4 platform) were comfortable for an on-my-feet morning. I am sure worn only once before. Note to self: Some investment pieces never go out of style.  

Another fun "Escape" morning.



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  1. Thanks for a quick tour of where the 'rich and famous' store their 'toys'.
    It must cost a fortune for these peeps to maintain, restore, store, insure such priceless automotive treasures.
    I wonder how their property taxes on these treasures is computed.
    I would only hope the facility is out of the range of high storm surge... hurricanes, ect...
    Thanks for the tour.