Friday, November 10, 2023

DeSantis Has Destroyed A Florida College

A Small College of ‘Free Thinkers’

My Note: Although DeSantis appears marginalized, in the upcoming election year expect that "anything-can-happen".  And, likely will.  What he did to the New College of Florida is only a preview of what he is capable.  


NY Times: Gov. Ron DeSantis’s plan to transform New College of Florida into a beacon of conservatism has left students and faculty members at the tight-knit, progressive school reeling.

MSNBC - DeSantis push to transform university drives out students, faculty 


Scientific American: DeSantis has banned books in school libraries, restricted teachers’ classroom discussions about diversity, prohibited high school classes that focus on Black history and people, politicized college curricula, limited spending on diversity programs, ignored greenhouse gas reduction in climate change policy, diminished reproductive rights and outlawed transgender health care.

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  1. That's just a capsule summary of what he would do to the country as president. He, and most other candidates like him are a threat to everything that has been built in our country's long existence.