Friday, November 24, 2023

"High Ho it's off to work I go" - Updated

My Soma
For the holidays I am working again at my favorite Palm Beach Gardens Mall lingerie store, SomaSee my post "Lingerie Shop Girl."

Nothing instills the holiday mood like listening to X'mas music non-stop for 8 hours.

 With that kidding aside, I do enjoy the shopping spirit, with everyone finding gifts and in the shopping mood. We do provide gift boxes and special holders for the gift cards. 

This is the time of the year when we get men in the store, shopping for PJ sets, and gift cards. Only the brave shop for lingerie. 

Sir, and what size does your girlfriend / wife wear. "About the same my size I am".  Like you have never said that?  

Our store has many holiday specials running from now to after the holiday. Check on-line. The enormity of the merchandise arriving daily that we put on the floor is amazing;  large boxes of mixed bras, panties, and sleep set.  When not selling at the registers or working with customers, we keep the floor stocked.  Oh no, not another box of panties.  

So...  if in the areas this coming Friday (Black Friday), stop in the store to say hello or get a bra fitting. See you soon and a happy holiday shopping season.  .   


FYI - Your prolific blogger does love gift cards and will put them to good use. If anyone is interested in bestowing one, any amount works. I will provide the needed information to call my store direct.    Happy shopping.    

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