Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Messy Bun - Plan "C"

Who Wore It Best?  

Amazon Messy Bun

For an event several nights ago, I had a hair appoint scheduled before hand. Upon arrival, I learned that the appointment had never been booked and my stylus did not has an open slot left.  Plan "B"?  

I really did not have enough time to shampoos, set, and dry my hair and still make it to the event. Plan "C"?

Several months ago I purchased from Amazon  a "Messy Bun Hair Piece Tousled Updo Hair Buns Extension - Scrunchie";  seen here.

The "Silver Grey"  color was a perfect match. I had worn my hair up in a ponytail to the hairdresser, (my everyday style) so half of the YouTube steps were done. After many attempts, tucking the pony tail in, then out, then in again, and using many bobby pins, I had it!  Not exactly as the model on Amazon, but close. 

All went well until about halfway through the event and I felt my bun sliding down and nearly off. To a quiet restroom I headed. There was another woman working on her dress at one mirror and she said, "I am having a wardrobe malfunction". She looked at me and said, "you are having a hair malfunction."  We both laughed and went about our mutual repairs.

Sufficiently re-tied and re-pinned the malfunction / disaster was averted. I returned to the party. Lesson for next time;-use more bobby pins!

This photo above is after returning home. I like the look and will do it again;  maybe as, "Plan A" next time.  


Side View of Plan "C'



  1. Beautiful Rhonda! I love putting my hair up like that! - Pamela

  2. Love the messy bun look! I need to look into getting one of those scrunchies too. Thanks for the idea.


  3. So attractive, sexy and feminine. Very nice.
    Angel Amore