Thursday, November 30, 2023

How are women’s jeans different from men’s?

I personally do not own a pair of "Men's" designated jeans.  I am not sure when the tipping point occurred. Some are overtly feminine, others are just jeans that have a woman's designation. Several are of a color that only a woman would wear (teal / orange), others are of a skinny cut that are absolutely feminine. Several are pull-on with no zipper.  My favorites jeans are skinny cut, high-rise, pull-on.

My go-to-everyday jeans are the brand "Not-My-Daughter's-Jeans" (NYDJ). One is boot-cut the other slim ankle cut.  Both are derriere hugging and have a tapered / tight  front (female) cut.  Both are at least 10 years old, faded and unmistakably feminine.

The simple truth is that women's designated  jeans fit me better physically and psychologically. They are softer, cost less and on my short legs, baggy guy's jeans make me look even shorter.  .  

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Just a few day ago I purchased at Talbots, (still have my employee discount) a pair of Crop Jeggings.  These are jeans material, and shorter (22" petite) than typical jean with a slim/tight leg and back cut. With heels these make quite a feminine statement; somewhat  retro. See: What Shoes to Wear With Cropped Jeans

Below is a Quora question, answered quite well, as to the differentiation on male, feminine designated jeans.  I know here in Florida, jeans are the uniform of-the-day, so why dress in a boring manner when a statement can be made?

Do your wear "Women's  "designated jeans"? What style is your favorite? 

Quora answered by Victor Lavigne: As a person who owns both mens and women's jeans, I can tell you the differences most obvious to me.

Those are the biggest differences that I personally notice. Hope this helps.

  • Women’s zippers are shorter. Men need a longer zipper to take care of…. you know, toileting business. The zippers for women are too short, you have to unbutton the jeans and lower them to do your business.

  • Pocket differences. Men’s are bigger, more functional. Women’s are smaller, and front pockets are sometimes more for looks that function.

  • Length. On average, a regular cut women’s jean may - depending on brand and style - have an inseam length that is 1 or 2 inches shorter than men’s.

  • Waist to hip ratio. Now this is really confusing. We all know that women naturally have a larger hip size to waist than men. For a woman to have hip size about 10 inches larger than waist is not unrealistic. Versus a man, in my case my waist is 31 vs hips of 36. So you would naturally think that women’s jeans are cut so the hips are proportionally bigger than the waist. Well, in my experience this is not so. My men’s jeans, where the waist fits me fine, tend to be baggy in the butt. Compared to women’s jeans, where if the waist fits me then the butt also tends to fit fine. Now, I do not have a woman’s build, as I already mentioned with my measurements. The only conclusion that I can give on this perplexing situation is that mens’ jeans are intentionally cut baggier in the butt/groin area. This does make some sense, considering that the manufacturer needs to leave room in the crotch area for, errh, the goods. But it also goes to explain why a sizable number of men find that women’s jeans just fit better overall.


  1. Clicked on the link for shoes to wear with cropped jeans...That Straight A Style website is really good. Thanks for pointing it out!

  2. I have a mix of jeans from the men's department and the women's department. I rarely wear my men's jeans anymore. Some are more femme than others and I wear different jeans depending on if I am in drab mode or dressed up with wig and full makeup. I have found that if I have a pair of men's jeans on, I need to wear a belt. .With Women's jeans, I don't. I find hi-rise to be more comfortable than a lower cut.

  3. Women’s jeans are all I wear. At 21 waist was 31and hips 40. At 66 waist is 35 and hips 42. Been wearing women’s wrangler, lee and Levi jeans for 45 years. Men’s don’t fit as well. My girlfriend at the time who is my wife now is the one that got me to switch to women’s because of my unique figure as she calls it…lol

  4. I couldn't believe how comfortable women's jeans were when I tried a pair on for the first time. They just fit "right" for me. Further, the mix of spandex they put into the denim made the jeans feel so much better than regular men's cotton jeans. I will never wear men's jeans again. Yes the pockets of women's jeans are shallow and that sucks but I will take the trade off.

    I prefer high waisted jeans as I have a long torso. And prefer them to be tapered and not have a lot of loose fabric around my ankle. My go-to jeans are Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda jeans. In my youth I LOVED GV jeans on women. I never thought I would wear them when I got older but I am all in on GV jeans. Wearing them makes me quite happy.

  5. For thing I noticed when first trying on womens jeans was the body conforming fit in the hips,waist and butt. I have wider hips at 41in and womens jeans really shape the butt and hips. A high rise jean worked best locking in at the waist. With the blend of fabrics and added stretch it made them so comfortable. Many fits worked for me, with the best being skinny jeans and bootcut jeans. I didn't realize that denim jeans could fit this good and be this comfortable. It was as if they were made for me.