Monday, November 6, 2023

Feminine Differential - Leggings 2.0


I am constantly looking for ways to "shop-my-closet" and create something new and exciting.  Legging have become my new fun feminine differential.  The fit leave little doubt as to the feminine cut which presents a challenge if worn in an immodest manner.  I see this every day at the market on women and the look is not necessarily flattering. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they have just come from their yoga class.

Here is wonderful "DO" suggestion from Angie's Strength & Style Boutique:

Cover your assets.  When styling your leggings, tunic-style shirts and shorter dresses are a great choice. I know I'm a bit conservative, but for me, if the top doesn't cover where a zipper would be, I consider the shirt too short. I love leggings...heck, I wear them a lot and even sell leggings...but seriously, there are way too many gals running around with their nether regions on display.

I have paired my Amazon Yoga Pants with an Amazon Long Sleeve Solid Split Neck Button Down Shirt Blouse. Talbots has a BUTTON BACK TUNIC - DENIMI this season that also looks great. I have several long Chambray tunics that all work fine and cover parts that need covering. I love the tight fit of leggings and high waist. Although some fashion sites discourage heels, I personally like the look of "not-to-high-heels". My suggestion on heels is that wedge heels and chunky heels will not flatter the legs in tight leggings.  Sneakers with a feminine touch, always work. 


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  1. I see London.
    I see France.
    I see leggings
    Failing to be pants.