Monday, November 13, 2023

Fashion Instinct


Fashion Instinct is inherent in most females and is my most enjoyable aspect of being a woman. Endless choices, moods, and visual challenges.  Vogue defines "Fashion Instinct" this way:

Fashion has been used as a tool by many people to express their identity, culture, lifestyle, profession, and more.

When we observe new things (such as a new outfit going viral on tik tok), the gray matter in our brain tends to react fondly and induce a reward system. The ventral tegmental area of our brains, a group of neurons in the middle area of our brains responsible for controlling the reward system, is activated when we are exposed to new stimuli, and it is in our evolutionary traits to analyze these new stimuli. When experiencing a rewarding experience such as partaking in a social trend, dopamine centers- which release feel-good hormones, in the ventral tegmental regions in our brain release dopamine in the nucleus accumbens.

I love Pinterest.  All of the women that live there wear makeup, dresses / skirts, and teeter in heels.  A few days back I saw the above model wearing a black stripe "A-Line" skirt.  My Fashion Instinct told me that this could be a good look so my search began.  I finally found it on the on-line store Chicwish. The listing "ADORABLE STRIPE PLEATED A-LINE MIDI SKIRT". ($39.90) Chicwish also has it in a shorter version, "CONTRAST STRIPES A-LINE SKIRT". ($34.90)

When not wearing jeans or leggings my skirt of choice is typically short (above the knee) and pencil. Something drew me to the "Feminine Differential" aspect of this outfit. The top on the right is Venus Ruched Detail Top (t-shirt $17.99) and the other top is from Amazon, One Shoulder Ruched Ruffle Short Sleeve Blouse ($22.99).  I wore this top to my high school reunion dinner.  

My fashion instinct tells me this will be a great outfit for "Escape" evening in Palm Beach. All dressed up with some place to go.  Stay tuned.    



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  1. The model is Wendy Nguyen. She has been running for more than ten years a cute fashion website based in New York City called Wendy’s Lookbook. http://wendyslookbook.com She is a petite woman with a pretty style and a wide range of fashion interests. One of her best videos is on YouTube: 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes.