Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Feminine Differential - Being Your Real Self Takes Courage

 Five Button Jeans 

I feature "Feminine Differential" looks to encourage fearless dressing in your everyday choices.  Most of us know how to put together a killer club look.  That was our first Escape.   But what about a going to the movie, running by Starbucks, having a casual lunch at an outdoor cafe?  A successful outing among civilians is empowering and builds confidence.  .

Five button jeans are a nice differential.  Seldom seen in men's jeans and typically cut to enhance the figure; form fitting on top with slim legs/ankle.  A nice addition to you jean's collection and can be dressed up/down depending on your comfort level; anything from heels to sneakers. 

In my case I have always seen more subtle smiles than the other; especially from women.  And, women will ask where you got certain items as well.  Several times at work I have gotten that question on the pink daisy sneakers.

Today's suggestion: Try additions to your daily wardrobe that build your courage. Give something like this a try for your next casual / everyday escape. 

 Being your real self takes courage. Be proud - Escape! 


Purchasing note: The top is Macy's "CeCe Women's Short Sleeve Eyelet-Embroidered Knit Top", in bright rose. (markdown $33.00)   The white jeans are Amazon's: "Umgee Women's White High Rise Button Front Skinny Jeans with Knee Cutouts and Raw Hem with Side Slits", (30.09)

This model above from Styled Adventures was not wearing "5 Button Jeans". I add the look to emphasize how the style enhances jeans.  See the real image at Styled Adventures. What a beautiful look. 



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