Wednesday, November 1, 2023

'Trans Women Are Women'

Says The National Organization for Women 

Story by Heather Hunter 

The National Organization for Women, the largest feminist advocacy group in the United States, shared a social media post in support of transgender women.

"Trans women are women," the organization said on Facebook Monday morning.

One Facebook commenter noticed that NOW was allegedly removing Facebook comments from critics of the post.

"NOW you are removing women’s comments that reject trans ideology. Not cool," the woman said in response to the post.

NOW responded, "NOW will not tolerate transphobia!"

"As they should, Go elsewhere TERF," one person said to the woman on the NOW Facebook page.

In recent years, NOW has embraced the transgender movement and celebrated International Transgender Day of Visibility, and among its priorities is to fight discrimination based on "gender identity."

"Trans people are denied basic civil rights and face increasing legislative challenges to their constitutionally-guaranteed rights from misinformed legislators. This community should feel safe and proud to be who they are instead of overwhelming fear. We must push back on these attacks," NOW President Christian Nunes said in 2021.

The organization was pioneered by Betty Friedan, who launched modern feminism with a focus on career-oriented women seeking to rebel against societal and patriarchal expectations.

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  1. Thanks to NOW for their support of us!!! Lauren