Thursday, November 9, 2023

Class of 1966 Diamond Jubilee Celebration


Halifax County's largest circulated newspaper is published every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on paper and online.

My Notes:  Halifax County is a rural county in south-central Virginia, near the NC border. It was home during my early youth, primary  / secondary school years, and some of my early adult years. My family has deep roots there and I have wonderful memories. I have written several times about returning to my hometown and attending The High School reunions. Below is a newspaper article written by a classmate that appeared in the local county paper (Gazette Virginian) about our latest reunion. .   

A little history: For our 50th reunion, I came out as Rhonda and was accepted and embraced by many; one of my life's most endearing moments. Fast-forward seven years. The photos are my photos from our latest "75th Birthday Reunion" a month ago. I attend all of the weekend's events as my real-self and again many charming moments. I love you all.  

As one classmate wrote about our reunions:

At the time I did not appreciate the enduring friendships that would be formed by our HCHS experience.  Many thanks to all who ensure that they will continue.  

My feeling exactly.


From the Gazette Virginian 11/2/2023:

Written by - Bett Chaney Penick - Classmate HCHS Class of '66

Sept. 5, 1961, was the first day most of them met. Five years later on June 9, 1966, they were graduated from Halifax County High School (HCHS), and each headed in their direction — jobs, college, family farms, tech school and summer travel.

On Oct. 6-8, 155 of them celebrated 75th birthdays as former classmates (and guests) from a time of innocence and small-town safety.

Some came from down the street, some from the outskirts of Halifax County, some from bigger cities in Virginia, a few across the U.S., and a couple from the far reaches of the world.

What they had in common was the desire to get together, catch up on life, laugh and talk, and even exchange miseries about their aches and pains.

They are all 75 years old now...

The reunion festivities started on Friday night at Main Street Bar and Grill, where 62 classmates and guests met for drinks, snacks and the first conversations in seven years. (They missed their 55th celebration in 2021 because of COVID-19.)

Saturday night, the main event was held at Halifax Country Club with a social hour, dinner catered by Four Oaks and dancing to tunes in the jukebox from Berkeley Blanks (HCHS class of 68).

Rhonda and '66 Classmates
Sunday morning’s farewell breakfast

A total of 155 classmates and guests enjoyed the dinner of chicken, beef, shrimp, vegetables, and rolls and that jukebox was “really groovy,” many said.

The 108 classmates who have died since 1966 were remembered on a memorial table, prepared by Sandra Anderson Midkiff. The first two were lost in combat or from wounds received in Vietnam, much too soon after finishing their career at HCHS.

Sunday morning’s farewell breakfast was hosted by The Packhouse in Halifax, where 48 stopped to say “goodbye,” until next time. And, the next time may be in just three years to celebrate the 60th anniversary.

Read more of the details at the Gazette Virginian on-line. 

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