Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Car Passion

Cadillac XLR

Guilty pleasure, throwback to the other gender, the freedom of the open road……   Whatever the reason I have always had a passion for cars.  One of my first was a ’69 SS396 Chevelle.  I have always taken pride in keeping my cars clean – washing, waxing and detailing.  One of my first entrepreneurial ventures was washing the neighbor’s cars on Saturday afternoons.

So, I am at a juncture with my current car.  Not a classic yet but destined to be.  There was a limited production run from 2004-2009 until the recession and a bankrupt GM forced model cutbacks. My year, 2005, is likely the oldest car I have ever owned and still in great conditions aesthetically.  I have had it at several cars shows locally and it always draws attention.  Yes , there are women that have their cars there too.

The dilemma - It is starting to get to the restoration, or ”move on” stage.  Nothing really big yet, but I see it down the road - (pun intended).  Shocks at $1,000 each, radiator, rear chunking noise, plus the regular stuff like tires and “check engine” light.  I do want to keep it and the value today is the same as I paid four years ago.  A good sign.  Convertible / hard top still works great and here in Florida it is a year-round fun car to drive.    

So what is your advise? 


  1. While my 'daily driver' eats up most of my miles my 'fun car' still fills a need. I just made the decision to trade in my 2006 Mustang, Pony Package, white with beige rag top for a 2016 white with black rag edition. It has been a month since I place the order for the new convertible and I have driven the old Mustang every day since then and have bonded more with the old girl in the past month than I think I have for the past 10 years. It will be sad to see her go but she needs brakes and the top is not always reliable in going back up.
    Good luck making the call on your old friend.

  2. Simple advice - If you don't depend on this car and can afford its upkeep - do so! It's nice to have a "fun car", when you have an "every day" car for general tooling around. I wish I could have kept some of my cars from the past - a VW Beetle being one of them. Sadly, I didn't and couldn't.

    Good luck, whatever decision you make.....