Sunday, August 16, 2015

Santa Fe - Day 2

43rd Season - Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival  

I love chamber music.  There is nothing more relaxing that gives the "being in the moment" feeling.  I chose Santa Fe because I had never been there and had an airline  ticket voucher that was expiring.  I did not plan on landing right in the middle of  the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival.  What an unexpected treat.  

A few tickets were available the day of concert and I waited in line.  So worth it!  The morning after I purchased my first ticket open rehearsals were going on, so I got to hear a preview and take very discreet photos.   That evening of  my first concert and the next day concert were sold out so I was fortunate to get the good seat that I did.   What lovely music. 

The treat of the first and second concerts was Łukasz Kuropaczewski, guitar artist.  Guitar was an unusual addition to classical music but it worked so well.  This is a partial bio of the artist:

"The fast and precise touch of this young musician electrified the audience.” (International Guitar Festival, Ameria, Spain) “Łukasz gave the most dramatic, dynamic, and emotional recital I believe I have ever witnessed.” (Manuel Barrueco Masterclass, Peabody Institute) “Kuropaczewski understands music like nobody else does and he seems to love what he does.” (Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland)

The outfit for the Monday daytime concert was a very Florida - Lilly Pulitzer skirt and t-shirt with high heel sandals.   

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