Saturday, August 1, 2015

Women in Technology

Open Letter  - WITI (Women in Technology International)

TO:  Carolyn Leighton
        CEO and Founder, WITI (Women in Technology International)

11500 Olympic Blvd. Suite 400
Los Angeles, CA 90064

It was with great enthusiasm I applied to be a speaker at your last Women in Technology Summit, May 31-June 2, 2015.  Although not a nationally known speaker, I have spoken at several national conferences and present, in my humble opinion, quite well - especially when the subject matter is close to my heart and soul.

I have been in technology since 1968. At that time, I wrote fluently in COBOL, FORTRAN and PL1 engineering applications for mainframes.   I also developed for the PC as soon as it became commercially available and have two nationally published business applications, one of which still exist today.  For over thirty years, I had my own software and consulting company.  I am still current as to today's technology, BLOG, consult and maintain SQL platform/systems I authored.  I install and train nationally on several business applications and the acting COO of an alternative energy startup.

The subject to be presented at your WITI Summit 2015 was to be “Going Through The Glass Ceiling – The Opposite Way”.   Catchy but true in my case - I am transgender.  I have hesitated to be a member of WITI as I am not sure of the organization’s gender inclusion policy.  FYI – I did not receive any acknowledgment as to my offer to present.

I have been involved with the public transgender community for over  30 years, having started two support groups and a member for several other  groups both social and support.  I attend national transgender conventions and have spoken there.  Through the years, I am amazed how many technology professionals there are within this group of intelligent and interesting individuals.

In the light of all the resent positive publicity that the transgender community has received, I would like to offer to present again.  If not me the then maybe another better-known speaker for there are many like myself that are “out” and can relate interesting stories about transitioning on the job.  Yes, woman in technology.  I could easily pull together a panel if that format would be more suitable.

I do look forward to hearing about future opportunities and knowing if you have a gender inclusion policy as to membership.

Rhonda Williams 


If anyone else would like to e-mail WITI or Ms. Leighton - I can provide an e-mail address.  


  1. I'm confused. Are the conference dates correct? If so, can I use your time machine when you are done?

  2. Sorry for any confusion – I applied to speak last spring for their June 2015 conference. Did not hear anything.

    I am attempting to “lobby” for the ability to speak (panel discussion) at the next national convention – likely June 2016. Maybe at least get some acknowledgment the we are “Women in Technology” too.