Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sante Fe - Day 4

Santa Fe,  Rio Chama Stake House - Dinner with Friends

On my first day in Santa Fe, I toured several museums and galleries. While at the Georgia O’Keeffe museum, I decide to take a phone-picture and send the photo to all my artist friends as an “Oh darn, I am here and you are not”.  Just a few minutes later, I received a text back.  

The back-story:  I have a friend that owns a major upscale gallery in New Your City.  He travel worldwide and we are only occasionally able to get together.   He is actually a childhood friend and neighbor from the very small town in Virginia we called home. We played together as children and had so much in common – Like, being raised by grandparents, farm life and playing "dress-up” with his grandmother’s clothes.  

The saddest part of this story is that even though we had much in comment we drifted apart as friends.  Over 50 years passed with neither of us knowing how our lives had changed.  I finally was able to reconnect through efforts that involved asking a private investigator friend if he could help.  After several call back to related family members in Virginia - success. Several years ago, we had dinner in NY and I visited his gallery.  What a wonderful evening and so much catching up to do.

So, to my absolute astonishment the text read “I just arrived too – How long are you in town? I have an art show/fair on Thursday.” It had been a while since our last meeting and I was so surprised that, just by chance, we had both ended up in Santa Fe. We had dinner on Sunday and again on my last evening in town Wednesday.   Lovely evenings. Photos above. 

If you have childhood friends and you wonder how they turned out, make the effort.  Let them know about you and share.  Life is shared experiences.    

Sometimes coincidences happen.
   Live for the moment!  

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