Thursday, August 27, 2015

Fashion Plates

Fashion Plates - Toy from the 80's

There was a toy that I purchased my girls while they were growing up in the 80’s that fascinated me.  I never played with (that is my story and I am sticking to it), but sure was tempted.  I really wish it had been around when I was growing up.  Yes, I would have likely played with it.

The object was to choose plates, that represented, a head, clothing tops, and bottoms as in skirts or pants.  All of the inter-changeable plates had “a flair” to them and the combination allowed for many different styles.  After arranging the plates you inserted a sheet of white paper, ran a black crayon on its side over the plates and your design is transferred. You then have a "fashion combination template" to color and study.   It is still around in a new version.   

The girls played a lot with this.  Little did they know that I was watching with envy the whole time.

Watch the YouTube Video:

Does anyone else remember?   

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