Monday, April 4, 2016

An Extraordinary Ordinary Day

A day on Worth Avenue

Discover Palm Beach describes Worth Avenue this way:
It is one of the "10 Most Iconic Streets” in the world and Palm Beach is as one of the top five places to shop in country.

There are few things better in life than a day spent strolling Worth Avenue under the azure South Florida sky, the bougainvillea blooming and a slight breeze off the ocean ruffling your shopping bags… Palm Beach is, after all, an international destination for the epitome of impeccable service and quality.

This past Saturday I had a fun outing on Worth Avenue.  First stop was Starbucks in Palm Beach.  Say what you like about Starbucks it is nice to go in, be welcomed by name and just pay.  They remember you and are preparing your order as you come in.  I guess we pay for the service but in this day where there is little or no service, this is such a very nice touch.  Thank you Starbucks.  

Next stop was a pass through Saks Fifth Avenue.  It is next to Starbucks and just to look at the Jimmy Choo shoes and designer handbags is a delicious treat. Someday? The photo here is from the window of the Worth Avenue Saks Fifth Avenue store. 

Two more stops - At Christopher Kaufmann Jewelry Mr.  Kaufmann saw me looking in the window and brought out to street a pearl necklace that he wanted me to try on.  It was so tempting.   I did purchase a beautiful diamond ring there last fall so to be known, recognized and greeted again is special.  

My last Worth Avenue stop was il Sandalo, tucked back into Via Amore.  Fabio and his master shoe maker, design and put together beautiful custom sandals.  Fabio was in and I always get a hug.  My foot is very hard to fit especially in any sandal with a strap that goes across the foot.  His shoes fit perfectly and are beautiful.  I have several pairs.  Do check out his web site listed below and I wrote about his shop before.  The wedge sandals in the above photo are from Fabio's studio.     

Back over the bridge to West Palm Beach and lunch at IL Bellagio, Italian Restaurant / Outdoor Cafe.  This is one of my favorite lunch stops and again they know me by name, are always friendly and provide outstanding service.  The second photo above was taken by my server after lunch.  

The white denim skirt is Macys Style & Co. White Wash Knit Denim Skirt. The top, Talbots Square-Boatneck Tee - Stripe.  Sandals - il Sandalo Custom Wedge collection.

An adventure begins with getting out, smiling, making friends and having
an extraordinary ordinary day. 

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